What are Clients Saying?

What are Clients Saying?

“Thank you for all of your friendly guidance in helping me to strengthen my materials, and my confidence, and to secure my new work position!”
–Paul, Horticulturist and Graphic Artist

“Excellent work, I love how you tackle the artist statement, bio and resume! I’m grateful for your expertise, patience and professionalism.
–Rudolf, Artist

“You quickly offered me great ideas and insight for my portfolio and documentary projects. Thanks!”
–Motty, Photographer

“The artistic process and storyline of my career are now authentically captured in artful writing. Barbara, thank you for my new artist statement and bio.”
–Elasah, Artist

“Barbara’s seasoned visual eye has had a major impact on my portfolio; now decidedly stronger and more cohesive. ”
–Teri, Artist

“Gateways Career Lab prepared me for the next level of success. My revised presentation now reflects my artistic purpose cohesively. In testing new venues, I sold four pieces in two weeks!” –Frank, Artist

“Barbara, thank you for writing my artist statement and bio! They articulate the story of my achievements in a truly resonant way. I feel better equipped to meet promotional challenges.”
–Jacob, Photographer

“Barbara asked all the right questions. With her help, I gained a sharp perspective on hundreds of images and I’m producing a strong portfolio targeted to potential new clients.”
–Justin, Photographer

“I hope you know acquiring my new magazine job could never have been accomplished without your incomparable help and dedication.”–Rachel, Photographer

“In her role as Artist Coach, Barbara understands the relationship between stress and creative output, and is terrific in finding ways to manage it.”
–Jim G., Architect

“I’ve been offered a tenure track position in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and definitely attribute a good deal of this success to our coaching work..”
–James F., Architect

“Gateways Career Lab sent me on a path I hadn’t known was possible. My goals are now clear, and my presentation and target marketing are resulting in wonderful new clients and sales.”
–Karen, Glass Artist and Designer

“Barbara: Nine years later, I’m still benefiting from the work I did with you.”
–Khaled, Artist

“Through Gateways Coaching I learned to protect my projects — to allow them to mature before revealing them to the outside world.”
–Yevonnie, Photographer

“Barbara’s invaluable questions and insights challenged me to consciously clarify my work as an artist, what it means to me. As a result, my artist statement is vastly improved.”
–Celia, Filmmaker/Video Artist

“I was stuck. Barbara’s artist support helped me to relax my intellect, listen and follow my creative intuition. A significant shift occurred and I am now unstuck. Pure and Simple, Gateways Coaching works, and my photo documentary is back on track.”
–Jennifer, Photographer

“Barbara’s coaching support went to the heart of my creative process. Her writing skills captured my authentic “voice,” bringing eloquence and beauty to my artist statement, bio, resume, covers, diversity and philosophy statements.My portfolio is newly honed, and I’m ready for new exhibition. ”
–Teri, Artist

“Barbara’s tools and enthusiasm led me to shape the genre, theme and character development for my fictional story. Our creative interplay also cast new and exciting light on my plot. With artist support, I’m gaining momentum and it feels great!”
–Laura, Writer

“Barbara’s art career support focuses on the whole person. Her experience in a wide variety of media helped me to develop productive new strategies for presenting myself and my work. Her intuition and artistic sensitivity helped me confront and move through barriers to fuller self expression.”
–Jen, Journalist

“My art career places high demands on my creativity. For years, moving from resistance to breakthrough on my projects was fraught with anxiety. Gateways tools are solid. Barbara helped me to fashion tools powerful enough to dissolve inner core obstacles. I’m now able to internalize what others see as my brilliance, and I’m happier in my work.”
–Sheryl, Senior Editor for Feature Film Trailers

“Barbara, your artist coaching has been such a gift to me and my nonfiction book. Thanks for your invaluable support with content, editing and structural concerns.”
–Teresa, Author

“Gateways Artist Coaching support shook me out of believing I was stuck. It gave me clarity and a framework for deciding on a career. New strategies helped me off an old path, and I’ve entered a new career I love.”
–Smith, Designer

“Barbara’s gentle style and Gateways artist career support tools helped me to clarify behaviors that were stalling my music career. Now I’m getting hired for paid performances, and I feel like the artist I was meant to be.”
–Chandra, Singer

“Gateways career support tools made a huge contribution to my novel writing. They helped me find acceptance and patience with myself. The fear once paralyzing me as an artist is now only a twitch I cope with easily.”
–Heather, Journalist

“Barbara’s Coaching helped me to rescue my creative powers, clarify my values, and avoid the pitfalls of my business. I feel empowered stay in alignment with my true identity.”
–Yasmin, Actor

“Gateways Coaching support helped me to return to my creative core. I am creating organically from an inner source that feels like an inexhaustible well. I found myself as an artist, and my true career is emerging.”
–Seth, Artist

“The Gateways artist career support process reinforced my confidence. I have improved my portfolio, attracting new clientele and a higher level of success in my field.”
–Erin, Makeup Artist

“Gateways Artist Career Coaching tools helped me remove layers of self-consciousness and the career issues surrounding it. I distilled the essence of my creative powers and found new momentum in my jewelery design career.”
–Christine, Jewelry Designer

“Gateways creative career support helped me to move beyond life’s distractions and visualize a future that would express my talents fully. Barbara urged me to take sensible risks, and I’ve launched my own style career. I now get paid to do what excites me!”
–Bridgette, Style Consultant

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