Who uses Gateways Coaching?

A complimentary (or extended) artist career consultation may be right for you. Contact me with your questions: If I’m online, meet me in the Chat Room!

Gateways clients seek a creative career consultant as a helpful bridge to new artistic or creative career goals. Some clients are re-positioning their creative careers, and other are acting on specific projects or cultivating new creative visions.

Whether you are pursuing a career in visual art, media or performing arts, design, architecture, performing arts, or simply want to accelerate progress on your independent creative goal, an artist career consultant may be a prime resource for your success.



My client profiles include:

Creative Professionals in Career Growth and Project Development:

  • Journalists writing books, proposals or other media projects.
  • Photographers developing or elevating their portfolios to the next level of success.
  • Designers re-inventing their current career path.
  • Media artists re-inventing their current career path.
  • Established authors working on books or book proposals.
  • Artists and creative professionals overcoming obstacles to build momentum.
  • Creative professionals in project or concept development
  • Creative professionals perfecting or upgrading written presentations
  • Artists upgrading artist statement, bio, proposals, resume
  • Actors and other artists pursuing writing projects or directing.
  • Media artists re-inventing their current career path.
  • Designers, architects, visual artists, ad creatives, performers, healing arts professionals and others seeking to take sensible risks for new levels of freedom and success in their careers.

    Clients in Career Transition:

  • New York Times reporter transitioning to a music career.
  • Real estate agent transitioning to a music career.
  • Fashion designer transitioning to an interior design career.
  • Journalist transitioning to novelist.
  • Artists developing graphic design careers.
  • Graphic designers transitioning to professional artist.


  • Lawyers and other professionals seeking a coach for deeper creative expression.
  • Anyone seeking to master the creative process, bridge a creative transition or move ahead on a specific project:

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