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by Barbara Bowen

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The Creative Process and Goal Setting

As an art career consultant and artist myself, I encounter goal setting issues daily. When it comes to goal setting in the creative process, the word “discipline” can present problems. Webster defines the word this way: a systematic method to obtain obedience; submission to authority; rules intended to train or correct. For artists and other […]

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Creativity Explored: The Benefits of Repetition

When the nature creativity is explored, the importance of repetition is revealed. Working as a creative career consultant, I have learned over the years that repetition helps us to discover our personal rhythms and know them more intimately. This knowledge saves time, maximizes our energy and creativity. Repetition lubricates creativity, increases capacity, and helps develop […]

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Creative Process: How Night Dreams Help

Dreams can help point the way in the process of creating art. Consider this example: Susan is dining in an airport café. A loud speaker suddenly blasts a warning that a harsh military regime is due to arrive momentarily. Frantic, Susan jumps up and begins to bury her food under the dirt floor, determined to […]

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Creative Process: Recharge and Renew

No matter how we approach New Year’s Eve–with dazzling exuberance, quiet reserve or indifference–it’s hard to escape the sense that another cycle of life has ended. We navigate the portal to a new year, catching our collective breath. Sometimes the passage seems clogged with the air of uncertainty. Whether it be radical or mild, endings […]

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Creative Voice of the Collective

Today is Martin Luther King Day. What hardest of hearts could resist the voice of justice calling down the corridors of conscience in the satin tremolo of our American Dr. Martin Luther King? My indelible moment was underneath the Lincoln memorial with my now-deceased parents, my sister-in-law and eldest brother. It was a thin crowd […]

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The Nature of Creative Process

The creative process is a kind of mechanism that underlies no less than all of creation, and its expressions may be for good or ill. This short essay places a focus on its positive connection to the arts, and to spirituality. Creativity is often misunderstood to be an act of the ego or intellect. In […]

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The Creative Genius of Thomas Jefferson

The 4th of July seems more resonant every year, as we celebrate the creative accomplishments of our founding fathers and mothers, to whom Americans owe so much. Never before had a small band of oppressed people broken the shackles of so vast an empire as Great Britain to give birth to their own, new country. […]

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Shadow River: An Essay on Freedom

In the eloquent book, “The Unconquerable World,” author Jonathan Schell traces the grim and brutal history of warfare. A core notion of the book is that war has become unwinnable in the settling of disputes. Due to the evolution of nuclear weapons and the mutual annihilation inherent in their use, the reliance of politics on […]

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A Creative View on Terrorism

In September 2001, president George W. Bush delivered an elegantly written congressional speech that stirred American resolve: to beef up security and defense, to solidify a global allied coalition, and to exact justice for the monstrous World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. We were impressed by the patriotic determination shared by all members of the […]

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Creative Process and Tempering the Inner Critic

As an art coach and expert in the creative process, I have discovered that the creative voice is infinitely more powerful than the critical voice. This statement is often hard for artists and other professionals involved in the creative process to absorb, especially if their Inner critic has been in the lead, either consciously or […]

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Carl Jung and Gateways Themes

The Gateways artist coaching method employs universal themes identified by creativity psychology, and revealed in the work of Carl Gustav Jung. Universal themes highlight the connection between creativity and spirituality. They mirror an artist’s inner and outer challenges and point the way toward overcoming them. Grounded in the core ideas of Carl Jung…

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Creating and Fear

September 11, 2008 We meet various shades of fear upon entering unfamiliar territory.  No less true in the creative process. At its best, fear will act as friend, jumpstarting dreams to create beneficial reality. But it has other manifestations, too.   It can distort reality in harmful ways. Or even stop us in our tracks. It […]

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