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I coach artists and creative professionals in transition worldwide: photographers, painters, journalists and authors, designers, and others in creative fields.

At various stages of career growth, creative professionals encounter unique obstacles, on the outer level of marketing or inner level of creative process, or both.

Gateways Coaching helps artists and creative professionals of all kinds to master the creative process, clarify goals, and take sensible new risks for career advancement. Learn about Gateways career coaching or targeted coaching services for individual projects, presentation services and marketing support.

Enjoy the extensive articles and essays on the site written for creative careers, and feel free to contact me with your questions. I’m available to coach with you via phone and internet nationally and internationally, or locally in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

“Gateways tools are solid…I’m now able to internalize what others see as my brilliance. I achieved new momentum and I’m happier in my work.”

Sheryl, Senior Editor for Feature Film Trailers

“Gateways artist career support enabled me to break through static in my career and put together a weighty, focused book proposal that sold. Barbara’s creative input was invaluable.”

Donnell, Journalist

“The Gateways process inspired my confidence and taught me effective strategies for developing my portfolio and attracting new clientele. I am experiencing a higher level of success in my field.”

Erin, Makeup Artist

“A significant shift occurred and I am now unstuck, pure and simple, and my photo documentary is back on track.”

Jennifer, Photographer

“In her role as artist coach, Barbara understands the relationship between stress and creative output, and is terrific in finding ways to manage it.”

Jim, Architect

“Barbara’s seasoned visual eye had a major impact on my portfolio; now decidedly stronger and more cohesive.”

Teri, Artist

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Consultations for Artists and Creative Professionals


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I want to learn how Gateways Coaching can help me reach new creative career goals.


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I would like specific career advice on my current project or creative career plan.

New E-Book from Gateways Coaching: The Artist Statement

The Artist Statement by Gateways

Write with Heart, Clarity and Sales Power


Many extraordinarily talented artists shutter--even freeze-- in face of the written word. Artist statements are often mediocre, and their importance underestimated. The truth is, a compact and authentic artist statement will help you close sales. Let this E-Book show you how write an effective statement with Heart, Clarity and Sales Power.

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Abraham Lincoln

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