What is the Creative Coaching Process?

A career coach is a collaborative, equal partner, and career coaching is action-oriented. Clients are led to implement practical new strategies in support of their goals and career transitions. Coaches guide clients to evolve and expand–to find balance, to take sensible risks, to refine personal style, to build upon existing strengths, and to enhance career growth and performance. The best creative career coach will challenge clients to expand inwardly while taking new outer actions to reach closer to their true potential.

Gateways Coaching is designed specifically for creative career professionals. The method helps artists and others to fully understand, harness and channel their energies for optimal productivity. Gateways tools help clients to clear obstacles and shift their career lives closer to their creative core. Clients already established in their careers will seek the next level of success. Others at earlier career stages will seek support while navigating new creative territory.

Gateways Coaching offers help to creative clients at all career levels. The program is designed to enhance the creative process in the present while defining and building toward future success. See more on Gateways Coaching Services. Or visit: Gateways in-depth profile.

Coaching can offer therapeutic values, but it is quite different from therapy. Therapy tends toward the backward glance, focusing on life issues in the past that resonate into the present. Many clients who hire a career transition coach have experienced beneficial therapy beforehand. A career coach can offer services to artists and other creative professionals in transition that will sustain or fine-tune the life benefits gained in therapy. But coaching is mainly a goal-oriented process. A creative career coach helps clients to mainly focus on life in the present heading into the future.

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