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Does Your Written Presentation Rise to the Level of Your Visual Presentation?

Like the apex of an iceberg, our professional presentations show first. They introduce our work, foster credibility in the marketplace, and mirror how far we’ve traveled along the arc of our goals. Never underestimate the power of a dynamic presentation. Why not enter the fray prepared with an updated, incisive, authentic and powerful one?

How do you paint effectively in words a body of work or the arc of your career?

Let me help you distill your “thousand words” simply, and elegantly. Writing services for creative professionals will include an interview, as necessary, to clarify what begs to be articulated in the writing. Offer me your existing materials for revision, or allow me to start from scratch: brainstorming with you to choose the ideas most resonant with your purpose and target markets. Through the process we will capture your authentic “voice” in professional form. My goal is to write where you live!

“Barbara’s writing skills captured my authenticity, bringing eloquence and beauty to my artist statement, bio, resume, covers, diversity and philosophy statements.”
–Teri, Artist


Artist Statement (and Personal Statement) Writing Services:

Shape your essential bond with viewers and sales

Price $150 – 375

Does your artist statement (or personal statement) magnetize potential buyers or leave them at arms length? This is the intimate part of your presentation; a vital opportunity to bring viewers closer for a glimpse of who and what motivates the work they might invest in. Your artist statement can make the difference between a successful connection and sale, and one that falls short. See tips on artist statement and personal statement writing here.

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THE ARTIST STATEMENT: Write with Clarity, Heart and Sales Power

Related Writing Services:

  • Cover Letters
  • Letters of Intent
  • Diversity Statements
  • Statements of Philosophy


Bio Writing Services:

Create a memorable snapshot of your career history

Price $150 – 375

A well-written biography tells a short but dynamic story of your career and body of work. It acts as an alluring gateway to the highlights of your resume, offering those in authority a compact “snapshot” of your experience and abilities. See tips on the art of bio writing here.


Resume Writing Services:

Detail your career with clarity and professionalism

Price $200 – 500

Does your resume detail the full picture of your career in a highly readable and pleasing way? The content, style and structure of your resume are highly important signifiers that will position you well (or not) in the reviewer’s mind. See more on the art of resume writing here.


Proposal Writing Services:

Stand out from the crowd with dynamically-written concepts

Price $200 – 500

Are your great ideas stuck on the ground because they lack clearly focused articulate writing with strong impact? Yes, it’s tough to get a proposal noticed, and it won’t be if poorly written or executed. Why not shorten the distance between concept and completion with a highly effective written proposal? See more on the art of proposal writing here.


Essay/Article Writing Services:

For Creative Projects and Cultural Media

Barbara often writes articles/essays and “snapshots” on the creative process. Her blog features special projects on the defining lines of global change. Do you need writing services for your particular project or publication? Contact her for an estimate here.


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