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As an art coach and artist myself, I have experienced and identified for over a decade the core questions creative professionals must ask themselves as they navigate career transition. The questions here point to common issues addressed in art and creative career transition, and will help you decide which Gateways Coaching consultation is most suited to your needs:

  • Has your career transition or project lost momentum?
  • Does your creative process feel de-energized?
  • Does your project or career transition lack a viable action (or marketing) plan?
  • Have you achieved enough clarity to pinpoint what creative career you want, or how to move your existing career to the next level?
  • Are your written artist presentations helping to open doors as they should?
  • Are your target markets clearly defined, or still murky?
  • Are you reaching your target markets successfully?
  • Does your visual artist portfolio rise to the current level of your creative and professional accomplishment?


Regular consultations last for approx. 20-35 minutes: (I will learn about your overall transition and describe how the Gateways coaching process can be especially supportive to your specific needs.) Advisory Consultations last 45-60 minutes: (I will learn about your specific project or goal, and advise you on your next steps.)

We will meet via phone, Zoom or Skype.

Below: send me your web address and a bullet-point of what you would like to cover so I can prepare ahead for our meeting.


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    Regular Career Consultation ($ 45.00 U.S.)Extended Advisory Consultation: for my specific goals. ($ 75.00 U.S.)


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